THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT. IS A BLOG BY STEVEN SANDE WHO IS BASED OUT OF GUELPH, CANADA. His goal in writing is simply to develop personally and professionally and therefore the theme of his posts can vary greatly.

Trying Something New

I find myself at an interesting time in my life. After finishing university nothing has proceeded quite as imagined, so I'm stumbling around until the pieces fall into place. This blog is one of those stumbles that will hopefully help move things along.

My goal is to increase my online presence and add some creative flair to my life. I don't plan to restrict myself content-wise. Posts could be about any opinion or experience that's on my mind, or even simply sharing content I find appealing. I imagine over time the content will take a more predictable form and I look forward to seeing that evolution. My prediction is that there will be a lot of documentary discussions and recollections of travel experiences, but we shall see!